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The #1 wound cleanser in US hospitals1
is now available over the counter.

Welcome home.

The #1 wound cleanser
in US hospitals1 is
now available over the counter.

The Optimal Environment for Healing

Powered by a patented and proprietary electrochemical process, Vashe® Wound Solution OTC is carefully formulated to a skin-friendly pH around 5.5, mimicking the body’s natural antimicrobial defenses and providing an ideal wound healing environment.2

Ideal pH

Sting-free formulation

Powerful wound cleansing

About Vashe Wound Solution OTC

Vashe Wound Solution OTC use is for the management of minor skin abrasions, minor lacerations, minor irritations, minor cuts, and intact skin. Vashe Wound Solution OTC contains hypochlorous acid as a preservative, removing microbial contamination. As a result, dirt, debris, and microorganisms are more readily removed than other wound cleansers.3 Moistening and cleansing a wound using Vashe Wound Solution better allows for the natural healing process to take place.

Powered by NZT5.5

Natural Zone Technology 5.5, is a proprietary electrochemical process that occurs during the manufacturing of Vashe Wound Solution OTC. This  ensures Vashe is formulated to a pH range of 3.5-5.5, an ideal pH for both wound healing, as well as healthy skin.4

Because Vashe Wound Solution OTC contains Pure Hypochlorous Acid—a naturally occurring chemical in the human immune system—it will always be considered pH -skin-neutral during its shelf life.

The future of wound cleansing – as old as the body itself

Discover what makes Vashe so effective.

How to use Vashe Wound Solution OTC

Cleaning wounds with Vashe is easy. Simply apply a sufficient amount of Vashe Wound Solution OTC to cover the wound and surrounding area. To moisten a dressing, apply Vashe directly to the wound dressing one to three times daily. The dressing should fully cover the entire wound area. Clean the wound with Vashe at each dressing change. Soak the wound dressing thoroughly to help in removal of the dressing. Inspect the dressing at least two times a day and change if wound oozing or discharge occurs through the dressing.

Stop use and consult a healthcare professional if 1) redness, swelling, or pain lasts more than 7 days, 2) the wound gets larger, or 3) the wound does not show signs of healing as any of these could be a sign of an infection

Where to get Vashe

Vashe is available in-store at a Walgreens near you!
Click the link below to find the nearest one.

Vashe is also available online through Amazon
in the United States and Canada. 


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